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Front page!

2010-03-01 22:29:18 by abielins

I can't believe it! Thanks for the front page Newgrounds!

I also am thrilled that people are comparing Condition to Cave Story, even though I know it's plainly not the same.


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2010-03-02 00:11:06

When people are comparing your stuff to Cave Story, you have every right to be thrilled. Congrats.

abielins responds:

Thanks :)


2010-03-02 18:30:50

hehe It's not like completely like Cave Story yet like it at the same time which adds to it's fun and addictiveness. If I didn't know about Cave Story this would still be a great game. Any chance of making it downloadable cause that would be sweet haha.

abielins responds:

Hm. It should already be...
We're currently adding levels and improving the story and will be uploading a new version soon...


2010-03-02 19:25:08

The comparisons to Cave Story are not meant as a compliment... most of them are simply pointing out that you blatantly copied several aspects of the game.