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Flixel February!

2010-03-12 21:44:28 by abielins

So it's been almost a week and no word when Saltsman or Fulp are going to be judging the Flixel contest. I want to find out how my games did before I go to PAX at the end of the month!

Anyone else going to PAX?

Condition and Cave Story

2010-03-03 15:25:07 by abielins

A few people on Newgrounds seem to think that Condition took too much from Cave Story.

How much did we copy, apart from the controls and basic weapons? I mean, all the brawlers on Newgrounds copy the same controls and attacks. All the brawlers share the same style. The same can be said about first person shooters, rogue-like games, RTSes, you name it, and they are still totally separate experiences. This game was build from scratch using flixel and drawn from scratch using photoshop.

Media isn't only about new things, it's also about self-reflection and interpretation of existing works. Keep in mind there are a substantial number of "cave story"-like games out there, most notably The Underside and IWBTG!.

And also keep in mind that you can compare other popular games to cave story. Look at Mega Man, Metroid, and Castlevania. They all share the same style pixel art, almost the same weapons, the same HUD, same controls, etc. Yet people consider them vastly different games.

Maybe it's just that this type of game is new to flash. Maybe once more of these games reach a finished state (And by visiting the forums, you'll just how many follow this run-and-gun genre) it will become more accepted.

In the mean time, I hope you have fun! That's all I was personally trying to accomplish with this game :)

Front page!

2010-03-01 22:29:18 by abielins

I can't believe it! Thanks for the front page Newgrounds!

I also am thrilled that people are comparing Condition to Cave Story, even though I know it's plainly not the same.

I finished it just in time!

2010-03-01 03:09:44 by abielins

Boy, I am so proud of this game. One of the best I've every made. I'm sure many people will enjoy it too. I hope it does well in the Flixel contest :)

Also check out Lycheesoup. He did practically all the art and most of the level design.

I finished it just in time!

Flixel February

2010-02-27 11:07:36 by abielins

Almost done "Condition", the game I'll be submitting with a friend for the contest! It's certainly been a fun ride working 14 hour days. I'm really debating just doing games for the next couple months.

The only regret I have about this game is the lack of play testing we're going to have. We might only have 2 or 3 people play it tops.

Anyways, it's crunch time! Better get back to coding and spriting!

Flixel February